Forside Resiliens for dig Ekspertise Firma baggrund Referencer Teori og Modeller

Skills in general

• Appreciative managing style, heart-centered. Leads to high motivation among employees.
  higher performance and a proven record of fewer sick days.
• Coaching of employees and goalsetting for career development. Leads to better results for the
  company and motivated employees.
• Recruitment and Interviews, also the difficult one
• Managing of trainees and coaching them to become world class minded. Only the best is OK.
• Team managing with drive and high team spirit, which leads to better cooperation and goals.
• Teaching in IT during IT implementation, projects and roll out of new processes
• Coordination with Top-management and board members
• Project managing, IT-platform shift and new products

• Planning and carrying out tenders
• Optimization of the business processes in cooperation with relevant stakeholders
• Improved use of contracts and agreements based on win/win strategy and trusted partnership
• Strategies for End customers, purchasing, planning, item groups, preferred vendor and quality
• Link to primary customers and our project managers and developers to lower the cost. (TOC)
• Focus on continued improved processes and LEAN strategies.
• Statistics, KPI, Balance Score Card, Benchmarking

• Implementation of quality standard to ensure certification of ISO9001
• QC system in Access implemented in 2007, root causes visualized from 2008
• Implementation of QC system in Dynamics Axapta 2012 both in production and warehouse
• Audits at suppliers

Supply Chain
• Holistic overview of the full chain end-to-end. Ensure satisfied customers
• Identify all stakeholders in a specific process and to ensure the legal terms are in order
• Cooperate with all internal stakeholders and make sure everybody knows details about a
• Supply Chain set-up. Identify gabs and close these best possible way
• In- and Outsourcing
• Planning, Forecasting and control regarding discontinued goods
• Establishment of world class performing departments

• Solving old conflicts and established settlement with bonus at millions for different companies
• Renewed focus at indirect spend and savings directly at bottom line
• Ensuring optimized management of all administration in the group incl. freight contracts with
• Introduce the use of standardized sales and procurement methods and implementation of
  performance management and cost-savings through the supply chain
• Total rethinking of the supply chain and establishment of a world class performing culture,
  supported by implementation of new ERP system
• Improved cooperation with affiliates in Europe and Asia
• Improved use of contracts and agreements based on win/win strategy and trusted partnership
• Improved cooperation between the departments, due to minimization of "silos"
• Matrix for obsolete items implemented to clean the stock and pay attention in future
  in cooperation with the product managers
• IT platform lift to C5 and Ax. Implementation at three month of need to processes.